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Please note:

It is the responsibility of each participant

to follow the Leader(s)’ instructions on our outings.

Members & guests agree to this understanding when they sign on.

The Leaders are volunteers and need your support.


•Pre-booking is essential. Contact the Leader to book your place





 Tuesday morning birdwalks are on the second and fourth Tuesdays Feb-Nov.

Prebooking is required -

contact the leader



Saturday outings are usually on the last Saturday of the month - Feb - Nov

They take up most of the day as we go further afield

Prebooking is required - contact the leader

We also have a Saturday outing to Sheba Dams early in January


Oct 24

Tuesday Walk at Kingswood Reserve, leader Euan and Gai Leckie 0412 897 690

Meet at Kingswood Reserve at 8 am


Nov 25

TBW AGM at Tamworth Botanic Gardens at 8:30 am, prior to our Saturday birdwalk


Nov 25

Saturday Outing at Tamworth Botanic Gardens at 9:30 am following the AGM

Leader Margaret Crisp 0483 811 754

Dec Christmas Party  - at Annabel's home.  15 Acacia Dr. Oxley Vale at 7pm

RSVP Annabel 0427694147 to discuss what to bring


Dec 12

Tuesday Walk at Eric Fair’s property 216 Fairs Appleby Lane, 8:30 am 0429 697525

Jan 6 to be confirmed

New Year outing to Sheba Dams, leader ??


 Pink-eared Ducks

Photo: Denise Kane

Ducks Pink eared 2015 CAL Denise Kane IMG_3406.jpg

October / November Sightings

Oct 8

Grey-crowned Babbler, Speckled Warbler, White-winged Triller at Moore Creek,

Margaret and Bill Crisp and Jean Coady

Oct 26

Australian Hobby at Calala, Jan Hosking                                                                                                                 

Oct 27

Great Egret flying over calling at Calala, Jan Hosking

Nov 1

Dollarbird at Moore Creek Jean Coady

Nov 2

Blue-faced Honeyeater pair with 1juvenile at Calala, Jan Hosking

Superb Fairy-wren

Photo: Jan Hosking


The Internet Bird Collection

Birdlife Australia

Ausbird  - the Australia Birding Directory

NSW Bird Atlassers Inc

Tourism Tamworth

Birding-Aus - A birding discussion group

NSW ORAC ( NSW Ornithological Appraisal Records Committee )

Grey falcon study

Eremaea Birds

Cumberland Bird Observers Club,Sydney

Hunter Bird Observers Club

Hastings Birdwatchers Inc

Manning Great Lakes Birdwatchers Inc

Toowoomba Bird Observers

Graeme Chapman Natural History Photographer

Michael Dahlem Birds of Australia (Narrabri birdwatcher and photographer)

Wirefence - a UK based collection of useful birding resources for all ages

Making Nestboxes - links

Neil Hermes - Canberra based ornithologist - answers questions, leads tours etc

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